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In the beginning of April, Culture Exchange Club put on a bake sale at Flintridge Preparatory School in order to raise funds to bring literacy and the American culture to rural Chinese children. In fact, baking is a distinctly American past-time. Many American homes were described to have "the smell of fresh-baked cookies" coming from the oven. So, bake sales are very popular in America to raise money for any cause from political, to social, to just for fun.


To prepare for our bake sale, we first invested some of our money to buy supplies for baking. Those include ingredients for our three baked items: egg tarts, chocolate chip cookies, and almond cookies. While these ingredients were expensive, we made sure to keep track of how much we spent so that we made sure we could make a profit from selling the baked goods. The most interesting part was baking, which featured mixing, baking, (tasting) and finally packaging the fruits of our labors so that we could sell it to school students during lunch the next day.


Through the bake sale, we essentially used a hallmark of American culture to further its horizons. Baking is fun, but baking for a cause is a unique experience.

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