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The Options for Youth chapter club was founded in 2023 by the dedicated efforts of Amritha K. and her friends. As an integral part of Cross Cultures, Options for Youth's chapter clubs, we not only offer the same opportunities as Cross Cultures non-profit but also organize engaging in-person events and meetings! If you're a student at Options for Youth, we invite you to join our club and immerse yourself in a world of fun and exciting cultural experiences.


Mission of Our Chapter Club: Our primary objective is to foster an environment where everyone can explore and appreciate the richness of diverse cultures. We believe in celebrating the uniqueness of each culture, and our club is designed to be highly interactive.


What We Do in Club Meetings and Beyond: The Culture Club has exciting plans to collaborate with the Cooking Club, where you'll have the chance to learn how to prepare simple, delectable treats from various cultures – a delightful culinary journey awaits! 😄

Currently, our club meetings include presentations on a wide range of cultures, including Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Hispanic/Spanish, African, and many more.


We look forward to sharing and celebrating the beauty of these diverse cultures with you!

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