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Coordinator:   Elaine Hong

If you’ve ever been to Zhangjiajie, then you’ve seen how unique and beautiful this town is. Located in the northwest of China's Hunan province, it is home to the gorgeous Hallelujah mountains,  stalagmite-filled caves in Wulingyuan, the bustling Xibu Street, and of course... many young students who are eager to learn. 

After staying in this city for a month, we became friends with the Zhangjiajie students and wanted to continue our relationship even after returning to the US.

So we kept in contact with the students’ teachers, created short videos about life in America, and sent out these videos to them about once a month. Eventually, we also began interacting with the students in other ways, including raising money to buy and send English books to Zhangjiajie. Although we are now 7,000 miles away, technology helps us transcend distance and language to stay connected and continue learning from each other.


*flash is required to play this video on laptops

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