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Idiom Space

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Project Leaders: Johnson Song and Zoe Wang


Idiom Space is dedicated to providing a comprehensive and enriching learning experience for Chinese learners by delving into the rich connotations and charm of commonly used Chinese idioms. Our goal is to help learners truly understand the cultural significance of these idioms and their allusions to historical dynasties and eras in Chinese history, igniting their curiosity and interest in the language and its cultural roots. 


Through engaging videos, learners can not only have fun unraveling the true meanings of idioms and mastering their usage in specific situations but also deepen their proficiency in the language and develop a genuine love for Chinese culture. Moreover, the process of creating these videos is also a valuable learning opportunity for our team members, as they gain valuable knowledge and insights along the way. Our ultimate aim is to foster connections and bonds among people, transcending gender, background, and other differences, through the shared appreciation of language and culture. In pursuit of our goal, we strive to provide a mutually enriching experience for learners and team members alike, promoting a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Chinese language and culture.

Idiom Space Videos are available on our Instagram. Access our Instagram by clicking the Instagram icon below.

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