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01/17 Lavin’s Class Notes

On January 13th Eddie and I continued to work on summarizing and explaining. For this class, I prepared five mandarine cartoons for Eddie to watch and summarize afterwards. Right after every cartoon he watched, I quizzed Eddie with 3 questions to make sure he understood the story before he could summarize it. As usual, he isn’t very focused at the beginning of the class but at the end of the class, there is a big difference. At first, my

instruction for him was to be able to summarize a story with at least ten sentences and it seemed to be very hard for him. He was hesitating non-stop and didn’t know what to say. I then gave him the advice that he could try to think about what happened in the beginning, middle, and end of the story and explain it that way. With this method, in the last story he was asked to summarize, he was able to speak non-stop with at least 15 sentences to review the story. The class was very fun as usual, and below is a picture of one of the cartoons we watched.

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