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01/9 Lavin’s Journal

The class on January 6th went very smoothly, I can definitely see Eddie’s difference from the beginning of the class compared to the end of the class. Through the classes I had with Eddie before, I realized that when I asked him to summarize what happened, whether it is a story we read or what happened in a short video clip, he was not able to and was having a hard time summarizing the stories. This is why on the class of January 6th I prepared lots of short Mandarin video clips, such as cartoons for his level, for him to watch and to summarize

after the video. I simply asked him to summarize the 3 to 5-minute cartoon in 10 sentences, which seemed really hard for Eddie at first, nevertheless, at the end of the class, he was able to easily verbally review the video using 10 sentences. Tutoring Eddie was as fun as usual and it makes me very glad to see and know that Eddie is enjoying the class that I planned. Below is a picture of me and Eddie!

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