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02/12 Lavin’s Journal

This class differed from the previous classes that I had with Eddie because I feel more connected with him. In our previous classes, it was very hard to get Eddie to focus, but this class was different. Throughout the class, I realized he was drawing something and I asked him what he was drawing. Previously I had difficulties finding a subject that really interested him but since drawing was one of his hobbies, he loved talking about it and also introduced me to other drawings of his. Since he loved talking about it, I started asking him questions like, “I want to buy your drawing. How much would you sell it for?”. Questions like this had really sparked his interest and I thought this was a great way to practice his speaking skills. This also gave me an idea of how to teach Eddie in the future, I will create/plan lessons based on his hobbies, so that not only will he be very interested in the class but he can also have lots of fun in class. Below is a picture of Eddie drawing.

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