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03/05 Ya Nuo Liu’s Journal

This week is another very good week, but this is also my last week of the month, which means I need to quickly produce two of my videos. Although I only started production this week, I am already very proficient, so I submitted two videos on Friday. In the process of making the video, I also began to think about the themes of the videos below. At the beginning, I wanted to make some Chinese myths, but I was told that it is better to be closer to life. So I am going to write some Chinese food, but unfortunately there are too many people eating recently. I only won my favorite braised pork and fried noodles. Although I also like to eat roast duck, someone has already written it. Nowadays, many people participate in this group, which makes my topic become less and less, but because more people participate, it also gives me more ideas. There are good and bad things, but diversity is essential.

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