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03/07 Shuhan Liu’s Journal

I am responsible for the origin of the year in the drawing group. I drew three pictures of the beginning, the village and people celebrating the New Year. I did the "people celebrating the New Year" first, then changed some details. It took me about three hours, because I don't have a lot of experience drawing on my iPad. Then I drew the village, and one of the houses had to have lights, so the window color of the house on the far right was pale yellow. The other houses are dark blue, meaning no lights are on. I also spent three hours on this painting. The third painting, I didn't have a clue at first, because I couldn't give away too much information in the first painting. So I simply drew a house, and added Spring Festival couplets, lanterns, and fireworks as the atmosphere of the New Year. The painting took about two and a half hours.

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