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03/07 Ziqing Wen’s Journal

During this week, I only had one assignment to do. I had to record my English version of the book: The Thing About Spring. It was a lot of fun! I really like the book because I have a lot in common with the main character, Rabbit. He hated Spring because this season took away a lot of fun that Winter brought to his life. I didn’t like Spring either because I love the snow and ice. However, the Rabbit changed his mind at the end of the book because his friends convinced him by stating a lot of advantages that Spring brought to them. As a result, I was

being convinced by Rabbit’s friends too! This is my first time reading a book for others, so I put a lot of effort into it, such as watching the example video on YouTube a lot of times, practicing reading the book a lot of times before recording. Even though I only had one assignment to do, however, I felt it is a very good opportunity for me to practice reading while helping others. I hope I can read so many other books in the future!

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