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04/02/2023 Yifan Zhong

I took a class with Deli this week and found that she has made rapid progress and has become proficient in pronunciation. I feel very happy. At the beginning, Deli still couldn’t speak Chinese, and she couldn’t speak complete sentences in many cases, but now It has changed a lot, and I am very gratified to be able to communicate with me fluently, and even to publish an article in a complete year. This week, according to common sense, I will teach the knowledge in the textbook, and then teach two chapters of the Analects of Confucius. The Analects of Confucius did not ask her to chant and memorize it, but to let him feel how the ancients learned and how to pronounce it. Today’s video is a leak: The story of the barrel. I feel that after I changed the method, her enthusiasm for learning has become higher and better.

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