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04/16 meeting

The first big reveal of our April 16th meeting was the total amount of money we made from our bake sale. While people made bets around the room, Miranda told all of us that we made $80 more than expected. What all of us in the room didn’t expect was the $171 that we had earned in total from the bake sale, half of which is going to a purchase of a Magic Tree House book series. While the fate of the other half of the money is still up in the air, we also heard about the club’s new trajectory for the next year: turning local. As Culture Exchange Club seeks to become a nonprofit, it aims to help local Americans. Specifically, American Chinese children who were dropped off in this strange new land without knowing its culture. So, to help, the club is aimed at teaching these kids how to integrate into America —— for free. Finally, in an internal competition, the current points for the 2019 grand prize are announced while members scramble for last minute points to push for first place. The allure of the grand prize of a 23&me test brings the entire Culture Exchange Club together in search for our own unique cultural futures.

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