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04/30 meeting

Food is a universal language. It seemed fitting that the last meeting of cultural exchange club in 2019 had a spotlight on food. With an abundance of donuts, western desserts, and Chinese and Asian snacks, cultures were definitely crossed in our last meeting. In addition to gorging ourselves on food, we watched Videos that were made previously, like the St. Patrick’s Day video for March, the bloopers of our May video, and finally a video of our bake sale starring Elaine Cheng dropping a ball of dough on the ground repeatedly. Elaine Hong’s amazing editing skills were put on display do a demonstration of layering bloopers over a video of a flopping fish out of water. Finally, As promised by Miranda from the beginning of the year, the culmination of our points system was announced during this last meeting. In first place was Elaine Cheng, closely followed by Megan Jen in second place. Elaine is very excited to find out her true ethnic makeup, just like Culture Exchange Club is excited to continue its mission next year.

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