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08/17 Class Notes

Today, I taught Cora a lesson about losing a book in the library and we discussed a famous Chinese festival called the Mooncake Festival. I thought today was an interesting class because Cora was more engaged than usual. She was curious about this mystery in the lesson about where the character lost her book. Her curiosity led her into focusing a lot on this lesson so that I can show her the video of the scene. When the mystery was revealed for her she seemed very excited. I was glad that she liked how our lesson was designed, it really caught the student’s attention, which is a success for us creators. Cora said she is very interested in the Mooncake Festival so we discussed the story behind this festival in Chinese and she told me about what her school does on the day of the festival. When she gets excited, she will start talking in English but I try to lead her into saying most things in Chinese.

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