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09/28/2023 Yifan Zhong

(Student: Cici)

Teaching content:

1. Lesson 9 of Volume 4

2. New words in Lesson 9 of Volume 4 (first 7) Pinyin combinations and sentences

3. About the Mid-Autumn Festival (Shui Tiao Ge Tou & Chang'e Flying to the Moon)

Cici was very serious in class today and she was very focused the whole time. This also made me discover a problem. Her pinyin level seems not to be proficient enough, and she sometimes makes some pinyin mistakes. However, this problem is not very serious. I believe that in the following Chinese teaching, she will slowly become more proficient.

I haven’t talked much about the Mid-Autumn Festival. Water-melody singing has become a tradition during the Mid-Autumn Festival. People usually hum this ballad/poetry to miss their distant relatives or express their best wishes. Although there are no holidays in the United States, I also hope that Cici can learn more about Chinese traditional festivals and help Cici have a deeper understanding of Chinese culture.

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