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10/17 Emily’s Journal

Task Update: My task this week was to send in my recording for the book “Snow.” More specifically, I am assigned to record the Chinese Version for the book. As of right now, I am completely finished with my portion of the task and I have sent my version of the video to my teammate, Cindy.

Reflection and Suggestions:

On September 23rd, I signed up for this task to record for “Snow.” The original date that I hoped to complete this task was on October 1st, which would be the week after I signed up for the task. However, because of many unexpected tasks etc. I was not able to finish this task before my intended completion date. I think that next time I sign up for a task, I should use as much as my free time to finish the tasks given to me as quickly as possible in order to prevent myself from procrastinating and ultimately forgetting about the task.

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