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12/27 Cindy L’s Journal

This week, I collected the final team members' names to share with Miranda. Everyone got it in on time and I was able to complete the spreadsheet by the 25th. In addition, I also worked on collecting finished audio recordings for Bilingual Storytime. Currently, we have an ongoing task list that people are filling up, but we still need some editors and readers for the videos. I also have to contact some of the members who have signed up for tasks, but haven’t turned in anything to me yet, but overall everyone is diligent and getting their task done on time to turn in to me. For the future, I think I can discuss with Ms. Wong about organizing our “Videos” folder in the website based on book categories because right now we have a decent collection of books for everyone’s viewing. Also, I will continue on editing for the books that I have signed up for and I hope to finish them in the next few days.

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