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2023/09/03 Yifan Zhong

(Student: Cici)

This time is my first official meeting with Cici.

Our progress in the class is not fast, but Cici has basically learned it.

Here's what we learned:

1. Textbook "Sima Guang" in Lesson 8 of Book 4 (listen to the recording and read aloud)

2. Part of the new words in the eighth lesson of the fourth volume of the textbook (listen to the recording, read along, form words, and make sentences)

Weak point:

Cici is still not able to read a text completely without pinyin. New words are easy to learn and forget. The ability to infer other cases from one instance is also very weak, forming words and making sentences is basically me doing what she is listening to.


But Cici was able to ask timely questions when she wouldn't, and was very quick to get back into the meeting when Break was over. It proves that Cici is very serious in listening to lectures in class, has a strong thirst for knowledge, and can smoothly form words and sentences according to the situation I gave.

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