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2023/09/09 Yifan Zhong

(Student: Juliette)

I have class with Juliette at eight o'clock on Saturday morning.

This week’s learning content:

1 Dictate the new words from the previous lesson

2 Study the text of Lesson 3 of Volume 3 (read along, read aloud)

3. Learn the new words in Lesson 3 of Volume 3 (pronunciation, word formation, and sentence making)


Juliette's vocabulary is still not enough and she can't read Chinese without pinyin. It is very easy to forget the words you have learned. You will forget them as soon as you learn them. It's easy to confuse words with the same pinyin. The part of composing words and making sentences is very weak, basically I am doing it and she is listening.


Juliette is still very serious in class and never gets distracted. Will take the initiative to ask questions when encountering them and never be afraid of making mistakes.

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