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2023/09/14 Yifan Zhong

(Student: Cici)

Second week of classes.

Teaching contents of this class:

1. Dictate the new words in Lesson 8 of Book 4 (the eight ones you have already learned)

2. Group the new words (the remaining six) in Lesson 8 of Book 4 to make sentences and read Pinyin

3. Exercise Book for Lesson 8 of Book 4 (only a small part has been done, and will continue in the next lesson)


Cici's dictation is good, and it can be seen that she has reviewed it. She writes well in both pinyin and word composition.

Cici read the text obviously much more fluently than last time.

Cic can form sentences independently. Although the sentences are very simple and basic, he already has the ability to form sentences and can develop them slowly.


I can feel that Cici is not taking this class very seriously. I don’t know if it’s because she is tired after the day or for other reasons. As a student myself I know the idioms very well. I could feel that although Cici was completing the tasks assigned by me, her heart was not here.

Cici may need to focus more.

There is no homework this week. I will slowly take the exercise book with me in class. The first half of next class will be used to review vocabulary and implement copying.

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