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2023/09/15 Yifan Zhong

(Student: Juliette)

I changed the class time to Friday afternoon because I didn't have free time on the weekend. Although I had made plans not to teach new texts this time, Juliette's spirit was better than I expected, so I still took her to learn new words.

Teaching content:

1. New words in Lesson 3 of Volume 3 (the remaining five). Compose words and make sentences to read Pinyin.

2. The exercise book for Lesson 3 of Volume 3 is basically completed.


Juliette has a very serious attitude towards learning and is not afraid of making mistakes when reading the text.

Juliette's Chinese is improving and she can now form words and sentences independently.


Juliette's attention is scattered and she often needs reminders to answer my questions.

The area of identifying new words is relatively weak, and no typos can be found.

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