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2023/09/21 Yifan Zhong

(Student: Cici)

The third week of class

Learning Content:

1. Book 4, Lesson 8 Exercise Book (completed from Monday to Friday)

2. Review of Lesson 8 of Volume 4 (Video)


This is the first time I have taken Cici to a complete review class. The exercise book is relatively repetitive and complicated, and I can also feel Cici's resistance. It's not as motivating as learning new texts, and repetitive things are indeed boring. This time I also deeply realized that the exercise book is a bit complicated and a bit difficult. I will improve it next time. It might be better to do the questions while learning. I will give her some questions to do based on the progress of the class. Cici still resists writing very much, but she can recognize the radicals and radicals of words and can form words, which can be considered an improvement.

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