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7/09- Hawaii

After our opening lesson last week, we decided that our students are ready to jump into self-learning! Because it is their first time using our application Language Box, we asked our students to review the lesson they learned last week. We still opened our meeting at 3pm HST so our students can unmute to ask our nine volunteers when they run into a problem self-learning online. After twenty minutes, all of our students have finished their lesson, and received feedback on their performance through the App’s AI voice recognition technology. Our lecture today focused on answering remaining questions the students have.

Summer and winter break are probably every students’ favorite time of the school year, so we decided to talk about breaks in China and the States! Our students are very surprised to learn how Chinese students are assigned homework even during breaks, and how although summer break in China is a month shorter than the U.S., winter break is almost a month longer. We were not able to get to group discussions on the reasons behind this difference because we ran out of time, but I believe our students and volunteers all want to pick up this topic sometimes later!

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