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8/01- Hawaii

Students learned about “颜色 (color)” in today’s class. First, students used Language Box for self-learning for 20 minutes. After they had all signed in to the meeting, I asked each student what their favorite colors are. Some of them answered me in Chinese, which was super good! After that, I read and translated each sentence to the students. Then, we did role play. This time, students were not as shy as before- many students even volunteered! This time, we had a lot of time left to talk about culture. Since we did not finish our discussion last time, we continued on the same topic -- ancient Chinese fashion. Yanni first showed the final bit of the video from last time. Then she lectured with a slideshow, and elaborated on the clothing trends in ancient China. Yanni added a Disney Princess -- Mulan -- in the slideshow to give students context with a Chinese character they are more familiar with.

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