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8/15 Cross Project Cooking Party!

As summer is coming to an end, we thought- why not host a fun cooking party to close us off? With this in mind, our event team planned “Cross Cuisines,” an end-of-summer event that focuses on the history and making of the Chinese Pancakes.

We invited students from four Cross Cultures projects, and many responded. After mixing the dough, the students took a short break while Georgiana, one of our volunteers who was also making pancakes with the students, jumped in for a quick lecture. Georgiana explained the evolution of the Chinese pancake. She also talked about how these pancakes were not of Chinese origin, but were actually invented by the Romans for traveling purposes.

After the break came the students’ time to share their fillings with their peers. We were thrilled to hear how creative our students were with their fillings (banana was a very popular option!), and everyone was able to share. With some parent assistance, our students were able to make at least one pancake before the end of class. We then gathered for a final picture together with our pancakes!

Overall, our seventeen participants really enjoyed themselves, and the event was a blast! We hope everyone a happy new school-year!

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