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8/25/23 Yifan Zhong


This week I will start teaching new words and new texts for the first lesson. I used a website that was recommended to me and the lectures were very quick and easy. I first led Juliette to review the text she just learned last week. After a week, Juliette almost forgot. Then start learning new words. I instruct Juliette to follow the strokes on the screen with the pen. Give her five minutes to copy the new words in the notebook, and tell her that she will dictate in the next class.

After the new words are finished, it is to form words and make sentences. Juliette is now able to answer my questions more freely and make correct words. It's just that it's a little difficult for her to make sentences. She was very attentive in this class and listened very carefully. The speed of taking notes is very fast and the quality is very good.

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