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9/11/2023 Jenny Zheng

Process of Applying to Leadership Role:

I’ve been a part of Cross Cultures for a little over three and a half years now and my journey within this organization has been truly transformative. During my first year at Cross Cultures, I spent over two hundred hours teaching students one-on-one and making videos about topics like food, anime, and modern chinese slangs. Through this experience I was able to utilize my bilingualism and understanding of both cultures to allow new immigrants to fit in to the community in a smoother manner.

In my second and third year, I had the pleasure of leading OLPT and Weekly Talk and spread my joy to other volunteers and students who are unable to participate in events in person. Witnessing their growth and enthusiasm was a rewarding experience.

Cross Cultures has allowed me to grow both personally and as a member of a dynamic, culturally diverse community. Today, I am thrilled to announce my new role as Vice President of Cross Cultures. I eagerly anticipate the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead, and I'm looking forward to meeting and collaborating with all of you. Together, we will create many more precious memories and continue to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals seeking to bridge cultural divides and foster understanding within our diverse community.

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