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9/11/2023 Jenny Zheng

Working as a Volunteer

Working as a regular team member in OLPT and Weekly Talk at Cross Cultures was a gratifying experience that allowed me to contribute to the organization's mission in unique and impactful ways.

In OLPT, I facilitated one-on-one language exchange sessions between students from diverse cultural backgrounds such as China, Mongolia, and New Jersey. These sessions were not only about language acquisition but also served as a platform for cultural exchange. It was heartening to witness the growth of our students as they became more proficient in Chinese, but what truly made this experience special was the relationships that formed. The bonds were friendships built on a shared passion for learning and mutual respect for each other's cultures..

In Weekly Talk, I had the privilege of turning everyday topics into engaging and educational materials. This program allowed me to channel my creativity and passion for teaching into crafting content that resonated with our audience. It was incredibly fulfilling to see how these videos, often centered around food, korean culture, fashion trends, or contemporary slang, could spark curiosity and promote cultural awareness among our students. Collaborating with fellow team members in brainstorming, scripting, shooting, and editing these videos was a creative journey in itself, and the end results were a testament to our collective dedication to making learning fun and accessible.

Overall, my time as a regular team member in OLPT and Weekly Talk not only deepened my appreciation for the importance of cross-cultural understanding but also reinforced my commitment to the Cross Cultures community.

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