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9/12/2023 Jenny Zheng

Vice President Project Planner

As Vice President of Cross Cultures, my primary goal is to assist the presidents in leading the team effectively, foster participation, and ensure the success of our projects. To achieve this, I have outlined a comprehensive plan for increasing participation, and enhancing communication within the group.

1. My Time Management for Projects:

To ensure that each project reaches its full potential, I will allocate different amounts of time to each, depending on its scope and significance.

Projects like "Peer-2-Peer" will require substantial attention due to their special role in bridging cultures and maintaining connections with China. Given its importance, I will dedicate a significant portion of my time to restart or rebuild this project, including researching potential partners, coordinating events, and fostering connections.

2. Increasing Participation:

Promotion: Implement a comprehensive promotion strategy to reach a wider audience. This includes leveraging social media platforms, collaborating with local schools, and actively engaging with our existing community. (City Council, other non-profits, schools, etc)

Increasing In-Person Events: As one of our major goals, I will allocate time to plan and execute in-person events. Reviving in-person events will be a significant draw for participants. We will actively promote these events through various channels and create incentives for attendance. This includes reaching out to local libraries for hosting events during Chinese holidays and collaborating with local orphanages or shelters to introduce Chinese culture through activities such as making Chinese yo-yos or sugar candies.I will also set aside time to support and guide other ongoing projects, ensuring that they align with our mission and contribute to our goals.

3. Communication Strategy:

Effective communication is the backbone of any successful organization. To enhance communication within our group, here are some of the ideas we could possibly pursue:

Create an executive team: Host regular team meetings to discuss progress, address concerns, and brainstorm new ideas. Meetings will be conducted both in-person and virtually to accommodate all members. We can all work together in contacting other organizations or even fundraising for children in the rural areas in China and in the U.S. Currently, there are three members (Co-presidents and I) working to ensure the progress of the entire organization. However, once graduated, there will not be members to pass the traditions onto. So I advice that it is most beneficial for us to revive in-person events by encouraging a bigger executive team and engaging more younger members to experience the traditions and transitions of Cross Cultures.

Feedback and Recognition: Implement a feedback system to understand the needs and preferences of our members. Recognize and celebrate the contributions of active participants to motivate others.

In summary, my role as Vice President will focus on efficient time management, increased participation, and improved communication. By dedicating the necessary time and effort to key projects, reviving in-person events, and implementing a robust communication strategy, we will strengthen Cross Cultures and continue to bridge cultural divides within our community. Together, we will make a lasting impact and create meaningful connections between cultures.

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