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9/13/2022 Jack Ye

A Draft Club Constitution.

Hi. I am Jack Ye, event and activity coordinator for Cross Cultures. This journal entry will serve as a recap of some of my current activities as well as a glimpse of the process to start a Cross Culture Club at my high school.

To spread Cross Culture’s influence, I have started the process to make Cross Culture a club at San Marino High School. Prior to summer, I discussed with Cindy, a current Cross Culture leader also at the school, regarding the application process. We agreed that once the next school begins, we would collaborate on the matter together to start the Cross Culture Club of San Marino High School

SMHS requires that the club must have recruited at least 30 members, have a functioning club constitution, and gotten a teacher to be advisor for the club. So far, we have gotten our school’s Mandarin teacher, who we believe could well facilitate English-Chinese language workshops in the future, to be our advisor. We plan to submit the club application by the start of Quarter 2 to seek approval. Stay tuned for further information!

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