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8/31: About Cross Cultures

My name is Miranda Zhang, and I am the founder of Cross Cultures. We are a nonprofit that celebrates diversity by bringing together communities from different backgrounds. Our eighty seven volunteers are actively working on nine projects in five regional centers around the world. 

Relationships between minority communities are often grounded in stereotypes, because these communities are prevented by the mainstream from truly connecting with each other. Cross Cultures brings people together through its curriculum, and works especially to bridge American and Chinese cultures at a time when it is sorely needed. With each project, we expose students to the history and customs of a different culture, increasing their cultural awareness and appreciation for the language they study. Our workshops, held by volunteers from over ten different cities in three countries, reach students from African American, Hispanic, and Asian American communities. 

We also believe education should go beyond the walls of schools. Our curriculum takes a step away from traditional classroom lectures and features some of the latest technologies. Students can learn through VR goggles and our mobile App that includes videos, games, and AI voice recognition technology.

We hope to bring people together in this divided and uncertain time. When politics seek to drive us apart, it is essential for us to stand together. Our mission will lie firm with every step we take and each project we do.

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