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3/18 Event Planning

Hi. I am Jack Ye, event and activity coordinator for Cross Cultures. This journal entry will serve as a recap of the leadership meeting last week and reveal prospects of some events that we’re excited to host.

Being a new member of the leadership board at Cross Cultures, I was very fortunate to have met the amazing current leaders, Justina and Cindy. They provided lots of background on Cross Cultures as well as helpful insights on how I could quickly get involved with the organization. I am very motivated by their commitment and sincerely hope to add on to their efforts during my time at Cross Cultures.

As for future plans, we are looking to host an in-person event for volunteers as pandemic restrictions are starting to ease. For this event, we would like to introduce our leadership board to the volunteer community and preview some future opportunities and events so our volunteers can plan ahead and sign up accordingly. This will also serve as a chance for our current volunteers to familiarize and bond with each other. Stay tuned as we will soon update with more information!

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