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Golden Bridges of Unity:
Stop Asian Hate

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Project Leaders: Justina Liu


Stop Asian Hate" is a vital initiative operating under the broader banner of the "Golden Bridges of Unity" projects. "Golden Bridges of Unity" is a collective of projects committed to combating hate crimes and related issues. At present, the "Stop Asian Hate" project is the first of many we aspire to introduce in the future.

Our mission is dedicated to providing critical resources to support victims and their families affected by Asian hate crimes. We also aim to educate the wider community about the issue of Asian hate and promote awareness. Through this project, we seek to help communities come together, express their unity through a collective community statement, facilitate fundraising efforts to support victims and their families, and offer valuable resources that volunteers can provide to victims, their families, and other community members, including language translation services.

"Stop Asian Hate" will serve as a hub for resources and updates, which will be accessible through our Instagram platform. Please connect with us and stay informed by clicking the Instagram icon below. Together, we can build a stronger, more united future.

Donate now to victims of Asian Hate on our home page! 

Share Your Story:

Want to share your story? Email us our story and a picture and we will put it up on our workshops. 

Plans for the Future:

  1. Organize local protests against Asian Hate

  2. Provide free Bystander Intervention Training

  3. Host events to share our personal stories

  4. Provide legal aid 

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